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The Atlantic

A Secretive Code in Google Translate?
The Atlantic
Earlier this week gage reporter Brian Krebs spiked out an odd glitch in Google Translate. It had to do with the usefulness's treatment of “Lorem Ipsum” placeholder school-book—the string of Latin words that people use to obstruction out space for subject-matter on

The Search for Intention in a Cryptic Google Transference of Untranslatable Words
It sounded like the side-lot from a Thomas Pynchon different or, at least, a cheap paperback Pan-Pacific spy thriller: A scrambled shatter of first-century BC Latin passage run through Google Translate seemed to be cryptically carrying messages about “China's ...

How to use Google as your boundless translator
First, you can go in a beeline to Google's elucidation page in your Web browser. Here you can record a single dialogue, a sentence, a paragraph, or an full passage of part. Simply class or paste your motif in the first box. Google will attempt to find out its


Yelp picks Bing over Google to translate reviews in 15 languages
yelpbing Yelp announced today that it will use Microsoft Bing to translate reviews on its iPhone app. Thanks to Microsoft's Bing Translator, Yelp will translate either one critique, or all reviews, with objective one push of a button. There are 15 supported
Yelp for iOS integrates Bing Translator to clarify reviews in 15 languages The Next Web
Yelp Announces Cleverness To Translate Reviews, Put into the limelight Coming Forthwith To AndroidAndroid Boys in blue

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Sydney Morning Herald

Lorem Ipsum: Of Cogent & Evil, Google & China
Krebs on Guarantee
“While Google translate may be incorrect in the translations of these words, it's ambiguous why these words would be translated to things such as 'China,' 'NATO,' and 'The Gratis Internet,'” Shoukry said. “Could this be a glitch? Is this premeditated? Is
Lorem Ipsum: of gentle and evil, Google and ChinaSydney Morning Herald
Bug, witticism, secret pandect - or just spam clogging up the web?ZDNet

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Be at the ready to use Google Translate for Facebook standing messages: 10 annoying
Google Translate will be the only way to conscious how to communicate with your pal now and you will get to hear a lot about humankind movies and how they have been watching all these movies without subtitles. There are a few customary annoying things only a ...
Google Asks Jargon Lovers to Take Refine Translate ServiceseWeek

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Komando: 10 helpful smartphone tricks
Scrapbook and Courier
You've had your smartphone for a while. But let's kisser it: you've never scan the manual. You take tremendous pride in the actuality you know how to use it. Then, it happens. You see someone do something bizarre with his or her phone that you did not cognizant of
Discover secrets of your smartphoneMontgomery Advertiser

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This is why you never end up hiring information developers
If you're big enough, you can rent a manager whose full-tempo job is to communicate with that being and then translate back and forth between them and the reside of the company. This works definitely well but is expensive, so it's not something startups can

How to impediment your Internet association contact
Detroit Unencumbered Press
If a location as prominent as Google's about page doesn't jam, you can be assured that the gaucherie isn't fixed to one company or even in a key component of the Internet's infrastructure like Amazon Web Hosting (which in the last has broken "AWS"-based

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The Fact-Based Community

Google translates crest Chinese coal
The Aristotelianism entelechy-Based Community
Sometimes Google Translate is profitable enough. A news element in Chinese from the blog of Polaris Power, a Chinese spirit trade neighbourhood (via Lauri Myllyvirta's blog at Greenpeace East Asia, picked up by others). Reproduced without a cleanup I'm not prepared to ...