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The Morning Download: JP Morgan Hack Strips Bank of 'Receptive' Evidence
Wall Roadway Journal (blog)
Bloomberg reports that the FBI is investigating whether Russia is tied to the disturbance. The FBI is assessing ... Google Inc. has released a conception of Chrome that includes 64-bit reinforcement for Windows, CIO Gazette's Rachael Crowned head reports. It says the new

Fars Dirt Agency

64-bit Chrome, Twice as Sure, Finally At to Download
Fars Dirt Agency
Far apart from Mozilla, though, which seems predetermined to never release a 64-bit rendition of Firefox for a classification of reasons, Google in actuality pulled the trigger and pushed its 64-bit assemble of Chrome to its public alpha testing channels (Dev and Canary) back in June.

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Trustee Liberty Verbalize

Internet Explorer: Windows To the In every way
Guardian Improper Voice
It caught on, and lickety-split Microsoft was making IE ready to the public as a free download, or included in secondment packs. It didn't take great for IE to become popular, very ... Google Chrome came along in 2008 and then other non-IE operating systems

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Stretch out Democracy

Can we in effect be bothered to take back our confidentiality?
Open Democracy
On your agile, you are advised to download Chatsecure, Textsecure, Redphone and Cryptocat from…the Google Tease store, respected guardians of your concealment with no record at all of compromising your observations. Thunderbird and ... That we should, like

Windows 9 remission date, beta & features rumours - coming 30th September?
Accomplished Reviews
Russian infringe group Wzor, which has benevolent form on this warm-hearted of thing, has said (via a antagonistic-to-read Google Interpretation) that there will be a Windows 8.2 update in September with a Start Menu. Windows 9 will then be released after that, also with a Start

Why the Tor browser and your monasticism are under threat
Adept Reviews
This private network is forever scurrying unbefitting the surface of the visible internet, away from the prying eyes of governments and Google. But now it is being dragged kicking and screaming ... There are few encryption technologies that can equivalent Tor and