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Windows 9 liberate date, beta & features rumours - applied preview due 30th
Crack Reviews
Russian infringer group Wzor, which has wholesome form on this good of thing, had said (via a firm-to-read Google Transfiguration) that there would be a Windows 8.2 update in September with a Start Menu, followed by Windows 9 briefly after - also with a Start menu

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Melding Two Flickr Accounts Into One
New York Times
If you pine for to merge the photos into one account to contrive a new Flickr singularity (because of a new business, matrimony or other joint chance), you can also just transform the screen name on the account you formula to keep using — or download all the

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Breastwork Street Diary

Do You Really Paucity Microsoft Assignment Anymore?
Barricade Street Log
Once you sign up with a Microsoft account, you can conceive and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and you even get 15 GB of free online storage to go with it. ... You can set up offline access in Google's Chrome browser and even frame new

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The Morning Download: JP Morgan Cut Strips Bank of 'Quick-tempered' Statistics
Wall Roadway Journal (blog)
Bloomberg reports that the FBI is investigating whether Russia is tied to the to-do. The FBI is assessing ... Google Inc. has released a conception of Chrome that includes 64-bit sustenance for Windows, CIO List's Rachael Ruler reports. It says the new

The Defender

The ultimate internet gloss: from 4chan to Zynga
The Protector
And what did we do without Google Maps on our phones? How did we ever find our way anywhere? ... Exasperated Birds – Finnish-designed video racket which has flown off the app upon shelves (over 12 million downloads on iOS). Gameplay in the card title

Trustee Liberty Convey

Internet Explorer: Windows To the Clique
Guardian Exercise boldness Voice
It caught on, and speedily Microsoft was making IE nearby to the public as a free download, or included in secondment packs. It didn't take fancy for IE to become popular, very ... Google Chrome came along in 2008 and then other non-IE operating systems

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Fars Rumour Agency

64-bit Chrome, Twice as Strong, Finally Close by to Download
Fars Scandal Agency
Unlike Mozilla, though, which seems foreordained to never release a 64-bit model of Firefox for a strain of reasons, Google as a matter of fact pulled the trigger and pushed its 64-bit physique of Chrome to its public alpha testing channels (Dev and Canary) back in June.

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Lancashire Evening Shore

Another silver for Ballard
Lancashire Evening Stick
But one man he just cannot get the well-advised of is Russian Evgenii Shvetcov, who has dominated the classification in topping the podium three times this week. Yet Ballard's carrying out in Thursday's 200m was the closest he has pushed Shvetcov has all week ...

'Reveton' ransomware upgraded with substantial password stealer
The malware often infects computers via compel-by download when a person visits a website rigged to automatically profit from software vulnerabilities. Users are baffled after the computer is locked, with Reveton insistent a few hundred dollars as rescue ...

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Sochi circumference wins FIA seal of consent
Times of Malta
Russia's new Sochi Directions One circuit has been cleared to swarm the country's first exalted prix in October after a gush over review from the romp's governing cadaver. The FIA technical take the lead Charlie Whiting, who conducts a elaborate inspection of all new

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