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Unstop Democracy

Can we in the end be bothered to take back our sequestration?
Open Democracy
On your facile, you are advised to download Chatsecure, Textsecure, Redphone and Cryptocat from…the Google Undertake store, respected guardians of your clandestineness with no record at all of compromising your matter. Thunderbird and ... That we should, like

Keeper Liberty Present

Internet Explorer: Windows To the Clique
Guardian Uninhibited Voice
It caught on, and in time Microsoft was making IE elbow to the public as a free download, or included in assignment packs. It didn't take extended for IE to become popular, very ... Google Chrome came along in 2008 and then other non-IE operating systems

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Why the Tor browser and your solitude are under threat
Crackerjack Reviews
There are few encryption technologies that can unite Tor and such is its supremacy that the Russian regime is offering ВЈ65,000 to anyone who can find a way to course its users. For degrade governments, anonymity is a nut that needs cracking - or

Windows 9 let out date, beta, features & value rumours
Wizard Reviews
We've had the highs of Windows XP, the lows of Windows Vista, up to the much-loved Windows 7 and then onto the maligned Windows 8. With the latest reading of Windows foible to .... Russian pirate troupe Wzor, which has seemly form on this good-natured of thing

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Intercontinental Business Times UK

Obama Hits out at 'Unpatriotic' Corporate Tax Avoiders
Worldwide Business Times UK
President Obama has slated companies that relocate to Ireland for tax purposes, accusing them of being unpatriotic and abandoning their US citizenship obligations. In an talk with with news broadcaster CNBC, Obama said that companies who vilification the ...

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